Australia's Age of Dinosaurs: Art of the Stamps

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Follow James Gurney on the artistic adventure of a lifetime as he creates the 2013 dinosaur stamp art for Australia Post. Gurney treks to Museum Victoria to study original fossils with paleontologist Tom Rich, then heads into the Australian bush to search for ancient plants. He shows every part of the creative process, from the unique design challenges of philatelic art to the construction of 3D reference maquettes, then the comprehensive drawing, the color planning, and the oil painting.

Gurney is the author and illustrator of the popular books. He is also the artist of the 1996 stamps of the US Postal Service, and the author of the bestselling art instruction books and

Praise for previous video “How I Paint Dinosaurs”

“A fascinating, detailed look into the making of the masterful dinosaur creations of James Gurney. I loved following his creative process, from the initial ideas, through the scientifically informed and accurate paleo-reconstructions, to the final stunning artwork.” 

—Mick Ellison, paleoartist, American Museum of Natural History 

"A refreshing reminder of the value of a well researched, studied, and executed piece of art. I highly recommend any artist, be they dinosaur lovers or no, to watch this DVD and replenish their artistic soul."

—Jackson Sze, Senior Concept Illustrator at Marvel Studios

"Gurney’s approach is comprehensive and understandable. Painters of all stripes will glean valuable insights not found elsewhere. This DVD will occupy a prime spot in my library."

—Brad Teare, Thick Paint Blog

"Presented in a clear and thoughtful manner, James Gurney reveals that there is no mystery to bringing the prehistoric back to life! The process of research, drawing, and maquette building by a master who has great knowledge and passion for his subject matter will be especially invaluable to any artist aspiring to raise their work to a higher level."

—Jerry LoFaro, Illustrator and teacher, New Hampshire Institute of the Arts

“James Gurney is a modern-day Meissonier and the techniques he shows closely follow those of the earlier master. The creation and use of maquettes is clearly presented, as is James' discussion of materials, lighting and color. Whether you are interested in painting dinosaurs or not, there is much to learn from this wonderful DVD.” 

—Darren R. Rousar, Artist, author and teacher.

"James Gurney once again shares his masterful knowledge and creative imagination, giving us a glimpse into his own dinosaur kingdom."

—Jason Dowd, Professor, Laguna College of Art

"A fascinating look into a master-illustrator's creative and technical process, it outlines fundamental techniques useful to any artist interested in infusing their work with life-like authenticity." 

—John-Paul Balmet, Concept Designer

"James Gurneys has the ability to create rich and vivid imagery of creatures and environments long lost to us.  He is nothing short of inspirational and humbling."

—Le Tang, Story artist at Dreamworks Animation Studios & co-author of the book series

1080p widescreen HD, stereo. 38 minutes running time. 

Stamp art and images ©Australia Post, reproduced with permission.

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Australia's Age of Dinosaurs: Art of the Stamps

2 ratings
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