How I Paint Dinosaurs

James Gurney
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Join artist James Gurney in his studio as he shows you how he creates two dinosaur paintings for Scientific American magazine. Gurney demonstrates and explains every step, close-up and in detail, including research, thumbnail sketches, 3D maquettes, preliminary drawing, planning the color scheme, and the final oil painting. The method is helpful for any artist wishing to create a realistic image of an imaginary subject.

53 minutes. Widescreen HD 1080p.

Praise for How I Paint Dinosaurs

"Any artist who has been treated to James Gurney’s previous books will be delighted with his newest offering, How I Paint Dinosaurs, an over-the-shoulder look at how this remarkable dinosaur artist achieves not only realism but a true sense of drama in portraying these animals for National Geographic Magazine and others. Gurney not only knows dinosaurs but is a master painter of light and shadow, and he shares his techniques in an easily understandable and informal way. I learned much from watching this.” —Mark Hallett, paleoartist

“What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles R. Knight, and Jim Gurney have in common? True art, texture, and no photo manipulation software. Who needs a time machine to see life in the Mesozoic? Just let Jim paint it for you. Here is how True Magic is done. Now it is your turn to learn to make magic.” —Michael K. Brett-Surman, PhD., co-editor of The Complete Dinosaur

"How I Paint Dinosaurs by James Gurney is a superb adventure into the world of hands-on professional illustration; using dinosaurs as the vehicle, it packs an entire art school into one engaging, thoroughly entertaining package."

—Terryl Whitlatch, creature designer, concept artist, and author of Animals, Real and Imagined

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