Gouache in the Wild with James Gurney

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Join James Gurney for front row seats as he paints on location in gouache, or opaque watercolor.

Gurney portrays six different subjects, with each episode focusing on a different approach to the medium. The subjects include a neon sign, a snowy landscape at dusk, a convenience store, a swamp, some antique character toys, and a Formula 1 race car. Some of the studies are precise and controlled, and others are bold and painterly.

Gouache is a time-honored and versatile medium, a favorite with both professionals and beginning painters because of its portability, opacity and suitability for fine detail. But it also presents its own unique challenges, so Gurney includes plenty of practical painting tips and background information about materials and formulations. For example, painting in black and white is a good way to get accustomed to the medium—or to paint in tight quarters, such as a concert hall or a restaurant.

The edit is brisk and entertaining without sacrificing any of the informational content. This is a high-definition download, which you can own and watch again and again.

What the Experts are Saying

"I so enjoyed my copy of James Gurney's Gouache in the Wild! The practical painting knowledge is intensely useful and the insight he offers about his subjects makes you feel that you haven't lived until you've captured your experiences in paint!”

—Nathan Fowkes, concept artist and professor at LAAFA

“Gurney has provided a much needed guide for painting in gouache — an often overlooked artists' medium that is deservedly gaining in popularity; every section is overflowing with his wealth of location painting knowledge and experience.”

—Charley Parker, Lines and Colors

James Gurney has put together another wonderful video for beginning student and seasoned professional alike, packed with information and insights. This time he takes on the rarely discussed medium of gouache, handling it with both precision and abandon, taking the mystery and apprehension out of it. As always he offers useful tips with humor and excitement, sharing his experiences with both the medium and the pitfalls and enjoyment of painting outdoors. The sequence with the Brownies is pure painting magic. This video may bring an entirely new audience to the medium. Now we will have to learn how to spell gouache.

—Dennis Nolan, Professor, Hartford Art School.

"James Gurney takes us on a fun and educational journey. It was such an enjoyable experience to be a fly on his shoulder as he creates one masterpiece after another. Makes me want to get out there and paint!"

—Stan Prokopenko, founder of proko.com

"James Gurney's video Gouache in the Wild is an amazing mix of educational, aspirational and inspirational fun. James brings the concept of painting in gouache to life in a simple and light-hearted manner. I highly recommend this series.”

—Jon Schindehette, Creative Director at Treehouse Brand Stores   

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Gouache in the Wild with James Gurney

110 ratings
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